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Update on Binstax (instax square back for the RB67)

  • Post published:June 3, 2022
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binstax model

Hi there! Long time no update (I’m sorry).

I’ve been super busy lately, had to complete tax declaration for the 1st quarter of 2022 while making zinstax, working on binstax and replying to a thousand emails everyday.

Binstax is almost done, but I’ll still have to tweak the model over the weekend. I’ll post some images of the prototype in a week or so.

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  1. Alex Oz

    thank you, and good luck for the work, I have a question, will they be compatible with the rb pro?

  2. Ryley Meagher

    Can’t wait!!!!

    1. Han

      I’m so sorry that it took so long!

  3. William Laurence

    wow. so excited for this. i know how hard you’ve worked to bring this product to life with MUCH request i’m sure! super excited to get one when they’re ready! you’re awesome!!

    1. Han

      Thank you William! Indeed I worked on the model until 5AM yesterday, I really want it to be perfect. I’ll keep you guys posted!

  4. Benjamin Reason

    Wow this is so so exciting! I can’t wait to get a hold of one of these, amazing work 👏

    1. Han

      Thanks Benjamin! I’ve been working on the CAD model past 4AM for a week now, so excited for the final product!

  5. X

    Super excited for this. I wish you posted this 1 week earlier haha I ordered an RB mod last week. However, I plan to get this one as well so that I can rotate 2 packs. 1 for color and 1 for B&W. Gotta love modular cameras!

    1. Han

      You can bet your bottom dollar mine will be better. I’m also going to add a ratchet mechanism to prevent the crank from being turned in the wrong direction. Stay tuned!

  6. Andrew

    Can’t wait. Please keep me updated.

    1. Han

      Sure! You can also check out the story highlights called “binstax” on my IG @haan.chen, I also post small updates there.

  7. Nancy Lee

    So excited to see this come to life! Keep us posted!

    1. Han

      Will do! You can also check out the story highlights called “binstax” on my IG @haan.chen for updates if you don’t feel like coming by. Cheers!

  8. Delfino

    Super excited to see your hard work on the Binstax

  9. 라이언

    Hello I live in South Korea. Can I buy a Mamiya RB67 film back

    1. Han

      Sure! I’ll start accepting pre orders when I have a prototype (could be as soon as this week!)

  10. Rudolf

    Since the Horseman 985 takes RB67 Backs Binstack should work with a 985 – Right?

    1. Han

      Honestly I’m not sure about that, but you’ll have to take off the revolving adapter in order to use binstax.

  11. Romain

    Is there anything ready or a prototype that you can show now?

    1. Han

      I’ve shipped over a hundred now. Check out the story highlights on my IG @haan.chen

  12. Tim Ingram

    Just saw the youtube video on the binstax back for the RB 67. I gave a Mamiya Universal Press with both an M adapter and a G adapter. I believe, with the G back adapter, the Mamiya Universal will accept the RB film roll back. Assuming that, will the Binstax attach to the G back adapter; allowing me to use your film back. Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions.

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