Hey! If you see this page, I don’t have zinstax/binstax in stock at the moment.

If you still want one, please join the waiting list, and you’ll receive an invoice via PayPal when your zinstax is ready to ship. Normally you’ll hear back from me within 2-3 weeks!

I really, really feel bad to let you wait, but please note every single one of them is 100% hand made and I only have so much time. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


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    • No spreading issues: it’s based on Fuji’s SQ1 camera
    • Made to match RZ’s flange focal distance: perfect focus (1st image is a focus test by a customer, Jihoon. And here’s his reaction)
    • Working film counter
    • Activates both horizontal and vertical viewfinder masks: what you see in the viewfinder is (approx.) what you’ll get*
    • You can shoot in horizontal or vertical position
    • Fully mechanical, will probably outlast your RZ if used with care
    • Comes with a stainless steel dark slide and built-in metal light seal that’ll never wear out
    • Dark slide holder on the film door which also prevents the film latch from opening by accident
    • No “hand crafted in Germany” engraving or serialized gold embossed certificate with a fancy signature
    • Wouldn’t recommend using zinstax with a prism finder but you do you
    • Balenciaga’s latest campaign is shot with zinstax: Fall 22 Campaign

    * I tweaked the face of zinstax so that it activates both horizontal and vertical viewfinder masks in the RZ67 when it’s in the right position. The reason behind this is that the rear opening of the RZ67 is roughly 70mm x 70mm and it extends either the horizontal or the vertical masks to make the viewfinder 7×6 or 6×7, respectively. By activating both masks, you get a 6×6 viewfinder, which is about the same size as the image area of an instax square film (62mm x 62mm). Illuminati confirmed? No, seriously, that coincidence is awesome: what you see in the viewfinder is approximately what you will get. It’s worth noting that zinstax doesn’t do it any differently than other 120 or 220 backs, which means there’s no harm to your RZ.


    1x zinstax: 350€ excl. VAT (if you’re not in the EU Customs Union, there’s no pesky German VAT for you. You pay import duties instead)


    Region Shipping Delivery Time Service Tax
    Germany 5€ 1-2 business days DHL Paket 19% German VAT
    EU (EUCU countries) 13€ 2-4 business days Int’l Post
    UK, Switzerland,
    Norway, Iceland
    25€ 3-4 business days UPS Standard No Tax
    17€ ~1 week Int’l Post
    USA, Canada 32€ 2-4 business days DHL Express
    20€ 1-2 weeks Int’l Post
    Rest of the World 37€ 3-6 business days DHL Express
    20€ 1-2 weeks Int’l Post