SQ1 zinstax first look

  • Post published:December 14, 2021
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The dark slide holder is shorter, hopefully the dark slide won’t catch the latch and open the film door unintentionally.


The screws are silver because SQ1 doesn’t come with black ones. I’d love to buy some black screws but these screws are probably custom made by Fuji and are perfect for plastics. I’d just keep re-using them for better mechanical strength.

I have to figure out a way to get rid of the Fuji logo so I won’t get busted for trademark infringement.

Fuji, if you’re reading this, I love your products please don’t sue me.

Also it’s propped up on a miniature nutella jar full of screws.

Bottom, nothing to see here.

This black-and-white look is really growing on me. I didn’t expect it to look good but it’s actually not too bad.

The latch and the eyepiece cover are black too. Coincidence? I think not!

Locking lever.


A perfect fit!

I still have to work on the crank though. The shaft is too short but it’s an easy fix.

Well that’s it, hope you like it!

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  1. Steven

    I love it I wanna start buy the film so when it gets here I’ll be ready to go. What film does it take.

    1. Han

      Instax square, check out my FAQ page too!

  2. Dennis

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing the in progress pics.

    1. Han

      Thanks Dennis! I’ll definitely be posting more behind the scenes in future!

  3. Matthew Fortner

    Impressive! Thank you for all your work. I can hardly wait, but I’m sure the time will be worth it given the details you’re working out. I’m actually more excited about this back than the Lomograflok back I just got. I love it, but the flexible handling of the RZ compared to my 4×5 will be a game changer.

  4. Gilles Collignon

    Impressive job, Han !! can’t wait to have it. In the meantime i will finish my last box of FPC100 with my beloved RZ. Next will be with Zinstax and instax square !!!
    Take care and happy holidays.

  5. Nicholas

    game changer! can’t wait to own one!

  6. Dustin

    Any idea when we can begin to order? I am craving this!!

    1. Han

      I haven’t set up a purchase page yet because I’m still struggling to meet the demand. Just sent me an email at hello@zins.tax to get on the waiting list for now.

  7. Daniel

    Excellent to see you’re going strong Han.
    Finally purchased an RZ67 x 110mm Lens so will have to pick this up from you instead of getting the Sx-70.
    Happy Holidays

    1. Han

      Thanks for your support. Happy holidays!

  8. Andrew

    It looks great, very clever. Exciting!

  9. Raymond Domingo

    I did not see a price for SQ1 model.
    Cost for shipping and time to build
    and send.

    1. Han

      Just send me an email. I haven’t set up a purchase page because I’m afraid orders will go through the roof.

  10. Karol

    Hello Han, I am wery happy to be on waiting list and get it soon.I am from EU.So I think i will no need to pay a VAT or any other tax.Is it so?

    1. Han

      Hey Karol, if you’re in the EU, you’re subject to german VAT (19%), but there’s no import duties.

  11. Karol

    Hello Han, how many months it takes from ordering to get it?
    Thank You.

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