I’ll be back in two weeks

  • Post published:November 9, 2023
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Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. Long story short I’m writing my master’s thesis and was hoping to get the deadline extended but as I submitted the formal request they told the reasoning seemed weak so I probably wouldn’t get it. So all of a sudden I had so much pressure. But then they agreed to extend the deadline by two weeks after all. The professor’s name who signed the application is literally “Jesus” by the way. But it turned out two weeks aren’t quite enough, so I don’t even know anymore.

I’ll write a detailed post after everything’s over and get back to business.

I have two thesis defenses schedule in less than a week with two different professors but I still haven’t got everything sorted out yet. Everyday there’s new stuff to do and I’ve stayed overnight in the institute sleeping on the couch a couple of times. What a life.

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