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Another Binstax update

  • Post published:June 17, 2022
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I spent way too much time on the CAD model and I’m happy with it so far.

Tweaked the draft angles for a couple of hours today. If you know what a draft angle is, you know what’s about to go down. Super excited!

I haven’t added the locking pins yet, these will probably be machined out of brass or steel.

I’ll send the files to my buddy for printing first next Monday (June 20th) because he’s on vacation until Sunday.

I suck at rendering so please don’t give me a hard time, I know it’s hard to make out the details because they lack real shadows. It’s insane how much time and effort are put into a product that’s seemingly ordinary.

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  1. Delfino Orea Munoz

    Heck yeah! It’s all coming together! All your hard work and effort are making this a reality!

    Thank you for putting in the hard work and making this a reality!

  2. Leonid

    Just let me know if I can pre-order!

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